I'm personally responsible for twenty-one jobs at Happy Herbivore.

I've tried to delegate, but is it really delegated if someone else only does 70-80% of the work?

My developers would add features, but I deployed the code. When I found mistakes I'd fix them myself instead of kicking it back to them, and I was still spending hours each month writing code.

What drove me to finally fire myself?

Since we started business in 2010 I've always managed the technology, support, and financial concerns. In February, Lindsay asked me to take over project management and marketing. Most of my focus in February and March was on improving the entire process and getting work off Lindsay's plate.

Our process at Meal Mentor is like creating a weekly newspaper. There is a 12 step process each week to publish a new meal plan, and no less than four people are involved. We have writers, editors, print designers, and finally scheduling and delivery.

February and March were really rough for me. Didn't feel like I was getting anything done. I spent most of that time working with our "Newspaper team" trying to get that team running smoothly and extracting Lindsay as much as possible.

Over those two months I started to notice an old pattern. If I spent my entire day managing people and projects, I felt like I was neglecting all my work. I know that managing was important, but I felt guilty for not doing other work and I started to resent all the managing stuff.

My brains screaming at me: "I hate managing", "I not getting anything done when I'm managing", and "I have all this code I need to write."

I've spent more time each week reflecting on high level priorities. When my mind is on the high-level, I see how much more import managing is than "doing a job". But everytime I get back into my "jobs", I completely looks focus on the high-level of the business.

"Work on Your Business, Not in Your Business" was a lesson I learn in 2003 when I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. If you really just want a job, go work for someone else.

I have loved many jobs in this business, but I love having and running a business more.

I don't want to work for someone else. So I'm got to fight the urge to do a job.

Work that is easy and enjoyable gets done first.

Right now, managing is not enjoyable.

Working to create a real business strategy has been brutal.

I avoid work that's uncomfortable and challenging. When I have no clue what to do, it might take months or years to get me to work on it. (Yes years.)

Firing myself is going to take time.

I'll fire myself by

  1. No longer allowing work to kick back to me.
  2. Reflecting everyday on the progress the business is making
  3. Only doing what an owner can do
  4. Getting help from others
  5. Working with my coach
  6. Communicating the strategy to our team

My quick list of jobs

  1. Managing Payroll
  2. Pay Contractors
  3. Supervising Accounting
  4. Tax Filings
  5. HR: Health Care, Benefits
  6. Technical Support for employees
  7. Writing Code
  8. Managing Servers
  9. Testing & Deploying Code
  10. Writing Drip Email Campaigns
  11. Email Marketing
  12. Facebook Ads Manager
  13. Marketing Calendar: Pick topics, hire writers, edit, publish
  14. SEO
  15. Scheduling Meal Plan publish
  16. Project Manager
  17. Meal Plan Process Manager
  18. Hiring Contractors
  19. Corporate Strategy
  20. Marketing Strategy
  21. Technology Strategy